Monday, May 31, 2010


Not quite at the Star Trek level but it sounds like a relatively important breakthrough for faster than light data transfer.

From Ars Technica...
Quantum teleportation has achieved a new milestone: scientists have recently had success teleporting information between photons over a free space distance of nearly ten miles, an unprecedented length.

"Quantum teleportation" is quite different from how many people imagine teleportation to work. Rather than picking one thing up and placing it somewhere else, quantum teleportation involves entangling two things, like photons or ions, so their states are dependent on one another and each can be affected by the measurement of the other's state.

When one of the items is sent a distance away, entanglement ensures that changing the state of one causes the other to change as well, allowing the teleportation of quantum information. However, the distance particles can be from each other has been limited so far to a number of meters.

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