Friday, May 21, 2010

Waterworld to the Rescue

In a bizarre twist to the Gulf oil spill, one of the worst movies of all time might lead to a partial solution for the Gulf.

From The National Post...
Kevin Costner, actor, golfer, Waterworld producer, and environmental campaigner has unveiled a new machine that can separate oil from water, and hopes it will be effective in the cleanup of the recent oil spiil in the Gulf of Mexico.

Over a decade ago, Costner invested in Ocean Therapy Solutions, a science company fronted by his brother. The idea for the project came while Costner was working on the film Waterworld. His character used a water purifier, and Costner engaged Ocean Therapy Solution to make it a reality.

Their machine uses centrifugal force to separate fuel from water at varying rates, leaving the polluted water 97% free of oil. BP hopes to have several of the machines in the Gulf waters by next week.

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