Friday, June 25, 2010

Eyjafjallajokull Strikes Again

An interesting sidenote to the McChrystal firing is the roll that Eyjafjallajokull played in the saga.

From The Telegraph (UK)...

Michael Hastings (the Rolling Stone journalist who wrote the story) had been due to interview the general in Paris, and then fly with him to Kabul, where he would conduct the typical tightly-controlled access interview that was only due to last two days.

But when the volcano grounded flights across Europe, Gen McChrystal and his aides were forced to take a bus to Berlin, and Mr Hastings joined them for the road trip, gaining unfettered access to the entourage during their down time in an interview that lasted nearly two weeks.

"They couldn't fly, so they had to take a bus," Rolling Stone's editor Eric Bates told MSNBC."So we really spent a lot of time with him and really got to look behind the curtain, and hear how he and his men, top men, talk among themselves on their own."

Cause and effect.

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