Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Seedbomb Dispenser

Not quite gumballs, something better.

From Crafting a Green World...
Greenaid takes old gumball machines, rehabs them and turns them into “seedbomb” dispensers. The seedbombs are made from clay, compost and seeds and are perfect for the cracks, crevices and empty spaces found in daily life.

They can be temporarily placed in sidewalk cracks, empty planters and in missing concrete pieces from parking lots. Let your guerrilla gardener’s imagination run wild.

The seedbomb dispenser is filled with regionally appropriate seed mix, perfect for your climate and won’t be spreading invasive plants. There are not many dispensers currently in the wild, but you can change that. If you want a revamped dispenser for your community all’s you have to do is contact the company to either buy or rent a machine.

Have a look...

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