Sunday, June 27, 2010


Last week a new ice cream maker arrived on our DC doorstep.

This one has a mission -- it's my feeble solution to counter DC's meltingly hot 98 degree days that have me doing very bad imitations of the Wicked Witch of the West.

In addition to the new anti-sizzle armament, I ordered a new recipe book titled The Perfect Scoop, by David Lebovitz. Lebovitz was formerly the pastry chef at Chez Panisse so I was betting that he'd knock the ball out of the park with his ice cream recipes. And so he did, with recipes for Pear-Pecorino Ice Cream, Raspberry-Champagne Sorbet, and Lemon-Poppyseed Cookie Cups, just to name a few.

After drooling over Lebovitz's recipes, I did what I always do, I Googled him and found that he has a great website filled with all kinds of mouthwatering recipes and skillfully written and frequently hilarious posts about living in Paris.

One post in particular is called WTF...
[W]henever something odd or stupefying happens, it's now called a Welcome to France moment". Or a WTF moment.

They come at you all the time around here. There's lots of WTF moments. Times when I cock my head to the side, squint one eye, and jerk my head back in disbelief. Like when the bank teller insists they're out of change, (although that wouldn't seem so far-fetched now).

Or when you've got a busted drainpipe and water's gushing out, and the plumber finally shows up, but without any tools—"I am just here to look right now."


Having spent a decent amount of time in France over the years, I can completely relate to David's WTF moments. Check out his blog, it's one of the better blogs I've seen.

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