Thursday, July 1, 2010


Hmmm and yikes is all that comes to mind with this one.

From Momlogic...
The second biggest day for female sign-ups on (the dating website for married people) was the day after Mother's Day.

31,427 women signed up the day after Mother's Day -- which is over ten times the average number of women who typically sign up on any given Monday. Ashley Madison took a sample survey of the women who signed up and found that:

* 67 percent identified themselves as stay-at-home moms.
* The average age was 36.
* Over two-thirds had been considering an affair before Mother's Day.

Ok, this particular stat is pretty ridiculous but the larger question is what kind cynical person creates a business based on cheating wives and husbands? The tag line on Ashley Madison's website is "Life is short. Have an affair".

Really? Huh?

So sad.

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