Sunday, July 4, 2010


Worse than a bad Bond movie and on par with some cartoons.

This bizarre and sad piece of the operation from The NY Daily News...
The most bizarrely inhuman allegation in the criminal complaints the Justice Department filed against 10 accused Russian “secret agents” pretending to be Americans was that they lived as married couples, even though most weren’t, in fact, ever married.

And they had spy children together.

“Illegals often operate in pairs - being placed together by Moscow Center (Russia's spy agency) while in Russia, so that they can live together and work together in a host country, under the guise of a married couple,” prosecutors said in a criminal complaint yesterday. “Illegals who are placed together and cohabitate in the country to which they are assigned will often have children together. This further deepens an illegal’s ‘legend.’”

And this little jewel from MSNBC...
In a 2004 message, court papers say, Heathfield sent an encrypted message in which he spoke of making contact with a U.S. government employee who worked at a research facility and dealt with planning related to nuclear weapons development. A year after the search of Heathfield's house, the FBI was able to intercept an SVR (Russia's spy service) message to him reporting Moscow's response to his presentation of potential sources.

The SVR went on: "Your relationship with 'Parrot' looks very promising as a valid source of info from U.S. power circles. To start working on him professionally we need all available details on his background, current position, habits, contacts, opportunities, etc."

"U.S. power circles"?

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