Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A United Chat

A crazy experience I had using United's online chat function yesterday...
You have been connected to Amira H.
Amira H: Welcome to United.com Chat.
Customer: hello
Amira H: How may I help you with your travel from San Francisco?
Customer: I'm going from DC to SFO [Correction #1]
Customer: I received this notice when I tried to purchase a frequent flyer ticket: There was an error in processing your request.
Customer: This is the flight I was trying to get:
United 0991
IAD 07:47 AM
Sat, Jul 24, 2010 ORD 08:54 AM
>>> connecting to >>>
United 0769
ORD 09:49 AM
Sat, Jul 24, 2010 SFO 12:26 PM
Amira H: I am sorry for the trouble.
Customer: it's not your fault
Amira H: Please allow me couple of minutes while I check flights for you. [Waiting, waiting, waiting]
Amira H: Thank you for your time and patience.
Amira H: We have a flight available on 31st July,10. [Huh? An entire week later?]
Customer: That doesn't work for me...I saw the flight above as available on July 24th [Correction #2]
Amira H: Let me check.
Amira H: Yes, we do have a flight available on 24th July departing San Francisco at 4.35pm and arrives in Washington Dulles at 12.44am. [From San Francisco, huh? I start to get suspicious, so I pop the question]
Customer: are you a computer or a person?
Amira H: I am a person. [Seriously???]
Amira H: If you want I will book the reservation for you.
Customer: Forget it.

I still have my doubts.

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Cherry Pasamba said...

Whoa! It's called going to work under the influence...


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