Monday, October 31, 2011

A Virgin Birth

As far as Virgins go, I've flown Virgin America several times (it's pretty nice), have never been on Virgin Atlantic (I hear it's nice), and hope to one day board Virgin Galactic (it better be nice for the price he's charging).

Here's an interesting story about how Richard Branson started Virgin America.

From Kottke...
In '79, when Joan, my fiancee and I were on a holiday in the British Virgin Islands, we were trying to catch a flight to Puerto Rico; but the local Puerto Rican scheduled flight was cancelled. The airport terminal was full of stranded passengers. I made a few calls to charter companies and agreed to charter a plane for $2000 to Puerto Rico. Cheekily leaving out Joan's and my name, I divided the price by the remaining number of passengers, borrowed a blackboard and wrote: VIRGIN AIRWAYS: $39 for a single flight to Puerto Rico. 
I walked around the airport terminal and soon filled every seat on the charter plane. As we landed at Puerto Rico, a passenger turned to me and said: “Virgin Airways isn’t too bad – smarten up the services a little and you could be in business.”

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