Monday, November 21, 2011


In the world of crazy sports, this one must rank near the top. 

From ESPN...
There aren't a lot of bats, balls or rackets in northern Afghanistan. There are goats, horses, men and dusty plains, and they have been there ever since Genghis Khan and his Mongol horde swept into the neighborhood in the 13th century. Their game, then, is simple. Men on horseback grab a goat from a chalk circle, carry it around a pole and drop it into another circle. No downs, innings, line judges or refs. Sometimes there are teams, and sometimes there aren't. Sometimes the field is 200 meters by 200 meters, and sometimes it isn't. And the goat? The goat might be a calf, but it's always dead, just lying there with its head and hooves cut off. Grab the goat, bring it around the pole and put it in the circle. 

That's buzkashi, [Afghanistan's national sport].
If you're so inclined, there are several YouTube videos of buzkashi.

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