Friday, December 9, 2011

Ai's Latest

Following his Sunflower Seeds exhibition at the Tate Modern and imprisonment in China, Ai's latest exhibit focuses on his absence and bicycles.

From Reuters and the Taipei Fine Arts Museum...
Aptly titled "Absent" due to China's ban on Ai traveling, the three-month exhibit at Taipei's Fine Arts Museum will have 21 works on show, including a photograph of a person's arm making an obscene gesture in Beijing's Tiananmen Square and a surveillance camera carved by Ai out of marble. 
[The centerpiece of the show] is Ai’s most recent work, created specifically for TFAM, “Forever Bicycles.” This installation piece is made up of more than 1,000 bicycles and will be shown in a display area that is 33 feet high. Its layered labyrinthine space creates what appears to be a moving abstract shape that symbolizes the way in which the social environment in China is changing.
For more on the exhibit go here.

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