Saturday, December 24, 2011

Street Art War

In the overall scheme of things this is at the neutrino level (must be a particle physics day) but it's kinda interesting nonetheless, especially if you're into street art or saw Exit Through the Gift Shop.

From HuffPo...
Is this a new Banksy painting in Liverpool city centre? 
The image of a biplane leaving a trail of smoke across the wall of a car park in Rumford has appeared on the elusive stencil artist’s website since its discovery over the weekend – usually a sure sign of authentication. 
One ‘fan’ with a can of red spray paint certainly thought so, daubing the words “BANKSY 4 ROBBO” across it in a swift act of sabotage. The term refers to Banksy’s rival graffiti artist King Robbo and the pair’s notorious feud that played out along the banks of Camden, London.

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