Thursday, December 8, 2011

This Week's Flavor: Turkish Coffee

For dessert this past Sunday I was planning to make coffee ice cream but at the last minute decided to mix it up a bit and go with some kind of regionally flavored coffee.

Irish? Too much alcohol.

Vietnamese? Too sweet.

Turkish? Bingo!

Not my photo...but close.

The addition of cardamom and orange zest, which add a couple layers of complexity, is what makes this coffee ice cream Turkish.  It's not my favorite mainly because the orange flavor is so strong -- a little zest goes a long way -- but others liked it and that's what counts.

We served the ice cream with financiers, a french almond cookie.  These tasty cookies solved one of the problems of frequently making custard based ice cream: you wind up with a ton of leftover egg whites.

The ice cream recipe is here.
The financier recipe is here.

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