Sunday, January 22, 2012

The (Not So) Grand Old Party

Watching the Republicans candidates cannibalize each other over the past few months has warmed my heart.

Newt's victory yesterday in SC...awesome! To paraphrase another pillar of the GOP, keep it up guys you're doing a heckuva job.

From CTV News (Canada)...
America's long-held distrust of intellectuals is legendary, but the already perplexing national trait has moved into overdrive in the Republican presidential race, with Mitt Romney facing heat for knowing French and Jon Huntsman viewed with suspicion because he speaks Mandarin. 
In South Carolina, a pair of Newt Gingrich attack ads against Romney focus on his ability to -- mon Dieu! -- speak French.  Romney "will say anything to win, anything, and just like John Kerry, he speaks French, too," the narrator intones menacingly as a jaunty French accordion tune plays in the background. Romney is seen speaking French in the web spot. 
Huntsman, for his part, has tried to use his acuity in Mandarin to portray himself as a serious presidential contender who could sit down and make progress with America's biggest trade irritant. Instead, his penchant for breaking into the language in debates -- and even during campaign stops in South Carolina -- has raised the hackles of some Republicans.  
"You don't speak Mandarin during a Republican debate," griped Joe Scarborough, former congressman for the party and now host of MSNBC's "Morning Joe." Chimed in Michael Steele, former head of the Republican National Committee: "I thought he was ordering takeout."

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