Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Return of the Porch

This article reminds me of a post from a couple of years ago related to the societal implications of porches vs. patios.

From The Atlantic...
Most of us can recognize a product of the 1990s McMansion boom when we pull into a subdivision and see one. But these trends suggest that 10 years from now, a keen eye will be able to identify the homes that were built - or renovated - during the recession. Their hallmarks? Infill location, simpler detailing and more durable, low-maintenance exteriors. And porches. People are pretty into porches right now. 
"I always interpret it as of one of the obvious manifestations of the New Urbanism movement, where there was more outward emphasis on homes integrated into a larger community, homes where people would interact more with their neighbors, going back to small-town living," Baker says. "Rather than isolation and security and safety, where everyone had their own privacy, their own big yard with big fences around it, where they were trying not to interact with others." 
The rise of the porch, in other words, may suggest a decline of interest in the heavily fortified privacy that was promised by the McMansion.
After living in a house with a porch for over 15 years (not much longer though), there's no question that a porch has an impact on the dynamics of a neighborhood.  It's nice to see they're making a comeback.

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