Thursday, February 9, 2012

Boxcar Grocery

Having been an urbanite my entire life, I'm very familiar with the corner store teeming with junk food, canned food, and just about every other "food" that in one way or another is just plain and simple bad.

Now, along comes Boxcar Grocer which hopefully signals the beginning of the end of the typical corner store.

From Good.Is...
As entrepreneurs and food activists attempt to bring fresh produce to more and more urbanfood deserts, they're setting their crosshairs on one target in particular: the corner store. Packed to the gills with cigarettes, lotto tickets, liquor, and processed foods, the shops do little to nourish the communities where they operate, and in many urban areas—particularly black, Latino, or low-income neighborhoods—these stores are the only places to buy any food at all. 
According to [the brother-sister duo of] Alphonzo and Alison Cross, founders of The Boxcar Grocer in Atlanta, this needs to change. Their just-opened corner store alternative, where local and organic food options get prime shelf space, is an attempt to respect "the fact that every community desires fresh food, and locally made food is just about as fresh as you can get," says Alison. 
The brother-sister duo's mission is to broaden the appeal of the food movement to embrace more black eaters...The store has enjoyed the support of "the entire Atlanta community" since its launch in November, with residents of other neighborhoods already asking the Crosses to open outposts. "The only real challenge," Alison says, "is how to keep enough food on the shelves on a daily basis." 
Good luck Boxcar!

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