Saturday, March 10, 2012


Growing up we had one in our backyard for summer drying and one in our basement for the winter.  These installations surpass anything I saw on our clotheslines.

From My Modern Met...
Finnish artist Kaarina Kaikkonen creates site-specific installations by recycling secondhand clothing. The artist suspends the garments like a line of laundry hanging out to dry.  
In an interview with Liverpool Daily Post, Kaikkonen reveals her personal connection to each of these clothing-based art projects that are, in their simplest forms, artistic coping exercises. Initially, the apparel artist worked with men's jackets, shirts, and ties, finding inspiration from memories of her late father. In recent years, Kaikkonen has turned her attention onto the memory of her late mother, utilizing women's clothing and shoes. Holding on to clothing is a way of holding on to memories of people. In a way, hanging the articles of clothing high above is freeing. 

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