Friday, March 16, 2012

Twist of Fate

Two drivers: one helpful, the other not so much.  Both come to rely upon those who paths they crossed (thx for the inspiration for the image AG).

From HuffPo...
A Canadian man who had just helped a motorist change a tire had his good deed quickly repaid when, just minutes later, that same motorist helped to save his life. 
Victor Giesbrecht stopped to help a motorist change a tire.  After driving off, Mr. Giesbrecht was stricken by a heart attack within a few kilometres. His wife, Ann, helped bring their pickup truck to a stop, called 911 and waved her arms for help. 
At about the same time, the motorists they had just helped pulled up. One of them, Lisa Meier, [who just happened to be a health care worker trained in CPR] performed CPR on him until emergency personnel arrived. 
Sgt. Newton said if Mr. Giesbrecht hadn't helped with the tire change, his initial rescuer may have remained stranded for too long to play a life-saving role.
And then there's this, from Good.Is...
Driving home with her infant daughter in the backseat, Dominy was overtaken by an irate female driver who passed her across a double-yellow line, giving Dominy the finger as she flew on by.  
Once she passed Dominy, the speeding woman attempted to pass more cars, veering in and out of lanes in an effort to get past a truck towing a boat. While attempting to pass the truck, the erratic woman's old jeep, which had one door tied on with rope, began smoking profusely. A few seconds later, the jeep was on the side of the road and on fire. 
[Dominy] pulled over and rushed to help the person who only minutes before had sped past her with her middle finger extended.  Not only was the woman on fire, so was her baby daughter. Dominy quickly rolled the baby girl on the ground then put both the child and the mother in her car to drive them away from the flaming vehicle. She then took them to her house, where they waited for an ambulance to get them to the hospital and treat their severe burns. 
In the days since Dominy rescued the woman and her child, she's not heard a thing from them or their family.
You just never know whose help you may need..

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