Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Comeback Continues

The good news keeps coming.

From the WaPo...
Blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay are at record numbers. The survey found an estimated 764 million crabs in the bay, nearly two-thirds more than last year [and the highest since 1993]. The increase was highest among juvenile crabs, which totaled 587 million, nearly triple last year’s total. 
The result are the latest evidence of a continuing rebound for the bay’s biggest money maker following severe harvest restrictions put in place in Maryland and Virginia in 2008 following a population drop. The comeback was interrupted last winter when extreme cold killed off nearly a third of the bay’s crabs, but the harvest restrictions kept the population above recovery targets.
Gov. Martin O’Malley said the new numbers were “living evidence, living proof” that management of the fishery works and “’one of the clearest indications that the health of the bay is not a hopeless cause.”
I can't wait to catch some this summer!

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