Friday, April 6, 2012

Google Reunites a Family

A nice story to end the work week.

From the Mercury (AU)...
FROM begging in the slums of India to becoming a successful businessman, Saroo Brierley's life has taken some unexpected twists. 
Mr Brierley, at the age of five, was begging at a train station in west India with his older brother. He became lost and boarded a train home. The train was going in the wrong direction. He fell asleep and woke up 10 hours later on the other side of the country. He eventually was declared a lost child and placed in an orphanage before being adopted by Tasmanian parents.  
"I kept in my head the images of the town I grew up in, the streets I used to wander and the faces of my family, I treasured those memories," he said. "Using Google Earth, I spent so many hours zooming in and out looking for something I recognised," he said. He remembered the Khandwa train station and surrounding area, which he eventually found on Google Earth. 
He returned to India and was reunited with the family from whom he was separated 25 years ago.

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