Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stolen Kobe

This is one of my top three culinary pet peeves, the other two being restaurants that call some kind of processed fish crab (call it "krab" if you must), and the other one, well I don't remember what that is but there is a third. 

From Forbes...
Think you’ve tasted the famous Japanese Kobe beef? 
Think again. 
I will state this as clearly as possible:

You cannot buy Japanese Kobe beef in this country. Not in stores, not by mail, and certainly not in restaurants. No matter how much you have spent, how fancy a steakhouse you went to, or which of the many celebrity chefs who regularly feature “Kobe beef” on their menus you believed, you were duped. I’m really sorry to have to be the one telling you this, but no matter how much you would like to believe you have tasted it, if it wasn’t in Asia you almost certainly have never had Japan’s famous Kobe beef. 
The bottom line is that the only reason there is beef called Kobe beef sold in this country is because our government lets vendors call a lot of things Kobe beef. But the reason consumers buy it is because the cattle industry in Kobe spent lifetimes building a reputation for excellence, a reputation that has essentially been stolen.

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