Friday, May 25, 2012


A challenging story that made me think a lot forgiveness.

From the Daily Mirror (UK)...
Fatemah Golmakani's son, Milad, was ambushed by four gang members last April while he was playing soccer in London, England. The 22-year-old was knifed 14 times and left to die.  
The mother of four has vowed to open a charity in Milad's memory to not only support other troubled teenagers and gang members, but also to help his son's killers when they get out of prison. 
To get the charity off the ground, Fatemah said she will be selling several family heirlooms, including a pair of diamond earrings given to her by her great-great-grandmother and a crystal chandelier that has been in her family for more than 200 years. 
Fatemah, who came to London from Iran 18 years ago, also said that when her son's murderers finally get out of prison, she wants to use her charity to take them "show them what life is really about." "I want to replace their knives and guns with flowers," she said. "I want to bring their humanity back even if my son’s gone." 
Though Fatemah admits that she was once bitter and angry about her son's untimely death, she says she has learned that forgiveness is the greatest remedy for grief.

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