Saturday, May 12, 2012

Moving On

After 20 years of living in this house (minus a few from my SF days) the time has come to move on.  When change occurs, I like to not only contemplate the promise of the future but also to reflect on the past.

This neighborhood is far from perfect.  Over the years it's had its challenges and a few still remain.  I won't miss the noise from the occasional ambulance or helicopter making its way to the nearby hospital.  I won't miss the friendly yet often boisterous folks routinely hanging out in the alley.  And, I won't miss the periodic driver who's compelled to share the thumping bass of the latest song with the entire world at 2am.

I will miss the sense of living in a real neighborhood.  I'll miss seeing my neighbors sitting on their front porches and genuinely looking out for one another.  I'll miss the daily greetings of "good morning", "hello", and "how's it going?".  I'll miss the spirit of this block when shoveling snow after a major storm becomes a community event. I'll miss our 10 foot ceilings. I'll miss the way the light shines into our bedroom in the morning. I'll miss the way the moon shines into our bedroom at night. I'll miss the beautiful crepe myrtle and Japanese maple trees that my sister planted when she owned this house. I'll miss being able to walk the two miles home from work. I'll miss the sound of rain on the tin roof. I'll  miss our next door neighbor who would occasionally brighten our day - and expand my waist - with a freshly baked cake.  And, I'll miss the strength, grace, and history of a close to 100 year old house.

This house -- my first house -- is filled with many wonderful memories and of course, a few that are bittersweet.  Fortunately, memories are easy to pack and they travel well.

Farewell 28 you've served me well.  Thanks for being such a good shelter, way station, party spot, flop house, business headquarters, bachelor pad, renovation subject, garden, and restaurant or in other words, home.

P.S. If you know anyone who's interested in renting a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, newly renovated house let me know.


Craig Herndon said...

Sense of neighborhood... expanding waist line... 2am bumpin'... Nice reflections, warm and human-- HOME

RANdom said...



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