Saturday, May 26, 2012

Timeless Design

This is the chair (and the corner) in which I was required to sit when I was being a little unruly -- which wasn't often.  I didn't realize until a couple of years ago that it's an original Charles Eames fiberglass shell chair, an award winning design which was the first chair made from fiberglass. 

From Eames Designs...
Winning designs from the International Low-Cost Furniture Competition on exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art; officially for sale at Sachs Quality Furniture, May to July 1950. The corresponding exhibition catalogue entitled Prize Designs for Modern Furniture outlines the winners of the competition and notes that the Eames chair is the first piece of furniture to be made of “fibre glass…never before used in furniture.” The chair is praised for its smooth surface, virtual indestructibility, and the flexibility of design proposed by the series of bases available.
This morning, I modified it a bit with a rocker base, an option that was available during its original production run.

The original making of video...


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