Saturday, July 7, 2012


I can count on two hands the number of baseball games I've been to and none were to see DC's relatively new and currently sizzling hot team.  The last time I went to a baseball game in DC I was about 7 or 8yo and my Dad took me to a Senators game at RFK in '71 or ' that's going waaaaay back.  So the other day when a colleague asked if I wanted to go to a Nats vs. SF Giants game my answer was a quick yes.

After a momentary period of confusion because the scoreboard said NY and the team was wearing NY uniforms I finally realized it was a "Turn Back the Clock" game -- the SF Giants were the NY Giants in 1924. The new ballpark is a sight to see and the game, well it was a stunner. Down 5-1 at the top of the 7th (it was hot and muggy, the Nats were getting trounced, and as a result I was close to calling it quits), Washington launched into a comeback with two back-to-back homers and proceeded to pull out a 6-5 win in the 9th inning.

Thanks to a friend who's moving to SF we'll be heading back to the Nat's ballpark in August. (Thx MJ)

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