Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oscar Pistorius' Predecessor

George Eyser, center
As inspiring as it is to watch Oscar Pistorius compete in the Olympics, there was at least one Olympian other with a prosthetic who competed before him.

From Sports Reference...
George Eyser competed in the Turnverein gymnastics and the Swedish gymnastics of the 1904 Olympics. In the Turnverein gymnastics he did superbly on the gymnastics apparatus events but finished dead last in the track & field competition, hampered especially by very poor scores in the 100 yard dash and long jump. At the Swedish gymnastics competition, he won six Olympic medals including three gold. He did this entirely with his upper body strength and it becomes more clear why he scored so poorly in the running events at the Turnverein gymnastics when one realizes that he had lost one of his legs as a youth when it was run over by a train. He competed at the Olympics as a gymnast with a wooden leg.
Good luck Oscar!

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