Sunday, September 9, 2012

Burning Man

I've never been but would like to check it out at some point, that is if I can get past the hassle of planning the journey and hesitations of a dust and sand filled existence for a few days.

This missed connection from an Atlantic post completely captures how over the top I picture Burning Man to be...
You may of been my true-love-prince! - w4m - 24
I, was wearing purple polka-dotted crotchless panties, yellow fuzzy tap dancing shoes and rainbow knee-high socks with swirly peace signs. On my tits, I had disco pasties. I have sicc multi-colored dreads. 
You, had a green goatee, and no pants. A cow patterned blazer, No shirt. Sicc tatts.
I saw you hula'n on the multi-colored flying dragon art-car as I was riding my TIGHT cruzer thru da sicc playa dust.
We made eye-contact and never saw each again! Hope the universe brings us together. Namaste. 
P.s. my name is Raven.
p.p.s we saw each other at burning man.

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