Monday, October 8, 2012

Today's Experiment

Earlier this week I decided to try to make Ginger Ale but after reading a few recipes I didn't want to wait three weeks for it to ferment nor take a gamble on exploding bottles -- at least not yet. The next best thing is Spiced Ginger Syrup which when combined with sparkling water gets pretty close to the  Ginger Ale goal line.

After making the Ginger Syrup a lot of sliced ginger was left over as a byproduct. What to do? Make Candied Ginger.

A third derivative, the ginger infused sugar from the Candied Ginger, can also be saved to use in gingerbread or cookies -- I didn't do so this time.

The recipes:
Spiced Ginger Syrup (I basically used the same spices but upped the quantity of ginger to 2 cups, used 2 cups of demerara sugar, and 6 cups (instead of 2) of water. After it all boils, let it simmer until it reduces to 2 cups about an 1- 1.5 hrs)
Candied Ginger (Extremely easy and delicious. Just make sure that you keep stirring the ginger/sugar/water mix until the sugar has crystalized again and the mixture is almost patient it'll get there)

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