Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Time of Music

1899 - a musician is born in Washington, DC
1916 - a music lover is born in Washington, DC
1930's - their paths cross after a performance and lead to a backstage poker game
1950's - an album is recorded and purchased by the music lover
1950's - the music lover opens a record store and expands his album collection
1960's - the son of the music lover is born
1970's - a receiver is manufactured
1980's - a turntable is manufactured
2001 - the music lover dies
2011 - a set of speakers is built
2012 - 113 years later it all comes together

Because of each step above, I now have the pleasure of listening to this gem...

...and much more.

I'm forever grateful for my Dad's gift of music to me.

Take the "A" Train. Yeah!

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