Sunday, February 3, 2013

One Hit Wonders

Last Tuesday, I was sitting in my seat waiting for the plane to depart for a hop across the pond to London.  Across the aisle from me was a gentleman, decked out in red leather pants, red sweater, red tennis shoes, and decent amount of gold accessories.

Shortly after take-off, I overheard him say to a couple sitting next to him and his wife, "That song has been very good to me. It won me a Grammy." I was already curious but after that comment I was very curious.

What song? Who is this guy?

My chance to find out came when we landed and his wife asked me to get her bag down from the overheard. I said to her, "I heard your husband say that he's a musician." She replied. "He's a singer. His name is Billy Paul." At which point, I feigned knowledge "Ohh!, ok."

Her: "You've heard of him?"
Me: "Oh, yes." (translation: Nope, I have no idea who he is.)
Me: "Well, have a good trip"

Out comes my Blackberry (yes, I'm stuck with one of those), I did a Google, and quickly learned which song has been very good to Mr. Paul.

What I don't know is if she was Mrs. Jones.

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