Saturday, July 27, 2013

Inception in Our Future?

This sounds crazy and to some probably dangerous. Whatever your take on it I find it fascinating.

From the Washington Post...
“Now that we can reactivate a memory, can we tinker with that memory, maybe making it into a false memory?” Ramirez asked. 
Putting a new mouse in the red chamber, they let it recognize the room as harmless. The following day, they had it explore a blue-walled chamber, and then gave it a mild jolt while simultaneously inducing recall of the red room. This was meant to artificially associate the memory of the shock-free red room with the fear of being shocked. 
On the third day, Tonegawa and his colleagues wanted to see whether this false association had successfully been implanted. They placed the mouse in the red room, where it froze even though nothing bad had ever happened to it there. A false memory had been formed and recalled. 
Although implanting a memory won’t happen anytime soon in people, in principle, it should be possible to isolate a human memory and activate it at will, scientists said.

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