Saturday, July 20, 2013

Obama on Trayvon


I appreciate the President's heartfelt and at times deeply personal comments on the Trayvon Martin verdict.

The back story from TPM...
Obama had been following reactions to the verdict all around the country since it was handed down, "especially in African-American communities," the aide said. 
When he surprised reporters by showing up at the podium Friday at the top of spokesman Jay Carney's press briefing, he brought with him only a couple of hand-written notes on an index card, the aide said. 
"He wanted to speak extemporaneously and from the heart about his views on the case and what he thought we can do moving forward. He didn't want to read off a teleprompter or do anything scripted, and he didn't want to shoehorn his thoughts into a segment with a television reporter." 
The president's extraordinary and deeply personal remarks included references to his own experience as a black man in America.

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