Thursday, November 28, 2013

"Where is the Love?"

Nicholas Kristof nails it for his Thanksgiving Day column.

From the NYT
As we celebrate Thanksgiving, let’s remember that the difference between being surrounded by a loving family or being homeless on the street is determined not just by our own level of virtue or self-discipline, but also by an inextricable mix of luck, biography, brain chemistry and genetics. 
For those who are well-off, it may be easier to castigate the irresponsibility of the poor than to recognize that success in life is a reflection not only of enterprise and willpower, but also of random chance and early upbringing. 
Low-income Americans, who actually encounter the needy in daily life, understand this complexity and respond with empathy. Researchers say that’s why the poorest 20 percent of Americans donate more to charity, as a fraction of their incomes, than the richest 20 percent. Meet those who need help, especially children, and you become less judgmental and more compassionate. 
And compassion isn’t a sign of weakness, but a mark of civilization.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May we all learn to be a bit more compassionate.

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