Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rebrand AZ?

They can't be serious.

These folks (I restrained myself from using another term) think all it's going to take to lure people to AZ ia a rebranding campaign. There should to be a law that prohibits anyone with an IQ below 70 from being a Governor.

From AZ Central...
Acknowledging that Arizona has developed a serious image problem because of its tough new immigration law (ya think?), Gov. Jan Brewer and tourism-industry leaders said Thursday that they will launch a new effort to stanch the flow of lost trade and convention business in the state.

"We were surprised by (the boycotts)," said Debbie Johnson, CEO of the Arizona Tourism Alliance and the Arizona Hotel and Lodging Association. "We didn't think it was going to be a tourism issue. This is a political issue." (So the truth comes out...I thought it was supposed to be a safety/immigration issue)

How to rebrand the state to potential visitors has not yet been decided.

Tourism officials huddled for nearly two hours in Brewer's offices at the state Capitol, discussing early strategies and devising ways to push the rebrand out to the public.

They can try this out...

1 comment:

Anita said...

My polital savvy is lacking, but the old Arizona thing doesn't sound right to me.
And if it's not, then hitting them in the pockets is probably a good thing.


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