Saturday, October 29, 2011

October Surprise

With Summer barely over (did we have more than 1 day of Fall?) the wintry weather made its way into DC for a rare, but not unheard of, October snow.

A few factoids about pre-Halloween snow in DC from the Washington Post...

  • Accumulating snow has fallen on five days (out of 4,340 in the record through 2010) during October. 
  • The earliest accumulating snow of the month — and on record — fell on the 10th in 1979 when 0.3” was measured (hmmm, I don't remember that). 
  • The most October snow in one day was 2” on the 30th in 1925 (with another 0.2” the day after). 
  • Ten other days have witnessed a trace of snow in October. 

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