Monday, November 28, 2011

$6,400 Grapes

I've posted previously about the ridiculously priced melons in Japan but I didn't know the same applies to grapes too.

A fascinating article the WSJ...
Swallow this: A single bunch of Ruby Romans, the titan of Japanese grapes, on Friday sold for ¥500,000 or about $6,400 – or in more remarkable terms, that means each grape is worth about ¥20,000. A steep jump from the record fetching amount of ¥250,000 per bunch in 2009 it is by far the most expensive grapes sold in Japan and likely in the world... 
...Along with Sanya Nagata, head chef at Le Musee de H, the two men will use the grapes to craft a dessert for a group of middle school students from tsunami-ravaged Miyagi prefecture performing at a local jazz concert.

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Anita said...


I'll treasure my grapes and cantalopes from now on. :)

On a simpler note, I follow a blog of an expatriate married to a Japanese man. They were in Saipan for many years but have recently moved to Japan. She mentioned their bathing routine in a post and I followed up with a question or two that resulted in her writing a post to answer me.

I found it very interesting and tried to imagine it as my hygiene routine. Hmmm...

I'll bet you are very familiar with the process.


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