Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chateau Lafake

From Apple stores to wine.  Is there anything the Chinese won't counterfeit?

Oh yeah, chopsticks.

From The Daily (UK)...
[A]s China’s appetite for wine increases, so do the prices — and the chances for wine fraud. Wine merchants believe more than 70 percent of all Lafite bottles sold in China are fake, according to the magazine China International Business. 
“The Far East has for the last five years been the major source for buyers of valuable wines,” said William Edgerton, a wine appraiser based in Conn. “Even poor vintages go for $500 to $600 a bottle, and sooner or later those bottles are going to be emptied and they are going to be perfect targets for counterfeiters.” Those empty bottles can be sold to counterfeiters, who then fill up the bottles with a different wine and sell it to gullible consumers at Lafite prices, Edgerton added. 
In September, the Trading Standards Institute in Britain recovered 40 bottles of fake Jacob’s Creek wine from a liquor store in Nottinghamshire, England. The wine is believed to have been made in China and sold at a low rate to independent liquor stores.

Jacob's Creek, seriously?

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