Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My Vote

A lot can change in four years. 

Four years ago I cast my vote for Barack Obama, half of which was for my mother who was ill in a hospital and unable to vote.  I stayed with her late into the evening and we watched the news coverage until Obama was declared the next President of the United States. 

Four years later, I cast my vote four days early on a crisp Fall afternoon.  This time I couldn't share the experience with Mom but strangely I wound up in line almost directly behind a wonderful 94 year-young woman who I hadn't seen in over three years and who also just happened to be a lifelong friend of my mother's -- they met in second grade.  As we patiently waited, we spent the next hour or so reminiscing about Mom but also talking about Obama, her family, and many other things.  Finally, her turn arrived and she asked me to help her over to the voting machine and assist her while she cast her ballot.  

It was an honor to do so and comforting as well.

We both voted for Barack Obama.

In my 2008 election day post I wrote, "In reality, the vote was not cast for either of us. It was cast for my nieces and nephews, for those who have yet to be born, for the environment, for global peace, for the future of our country and ultimately the future of the world."

The same holds true today.

I'm sure Mom would be pleased.

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