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Using nothing but LEGO bricks and an indomitable spirit, a 31-year-old amputee from St. Louis has handcrafted a stand-in for her regular prosthetic leg.

When a co-worker suggested the idea to Christina Stephens, she thought, "Man, that would be really neat, it would be fun," she told NBC News. "So I went home and did it."
Stephens built the leg in two hours over two days, from her own LEGO bricks, tubs of them that her mother collected from yard sales when Stephens was growing up. "That's probably a third of my whole collection," she said. "I have them stored in my basement for fun random projects like this — or for my future children." 
This past January, Stephens was under her car changing the brakes when the jack gave way, and her blue Prius landed on her foot and crushed it. When surgeons told her of the nerve damage to her foot, she studied her options, then elected to have them amputate her leg below the knee. 
Soon after the incident, she decided to use her personal and professional experience to become an online resource for families or individuals faced with or dealing with limb amputation. "I want to help people and inspire people to be more comfortable with their own bodies if they have limb differences," she told NBC News.

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