Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This Week's Flavor: It's Complicated

Following on the heels of the Blueberry Thai Basil ice cream which was very blueberry but not so basily we went all in and created Coconut Thai Basil Lime ice cream.

There was no recipe to be had on the interwebs so I started out with this recipe, substituted coconut milk for the milk, swapped out the lemon zest with lime, added a few tablespoons of lime juice, dialed back the egg yolks to four, and replaced the Italian basil with a boat load of Thai basil from zee garden.

The grammar sticklers will cringe but with it's bright green color, intense herbaceousness, and undertones of coconut and lime, the combo results in a very unique ice cream.

Accompanied by a few roasted macadamia nuts and either pineapple or mango on the side, it'll make a tasty dessert.

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